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Instagram is changing its face, and much-requested features are finally arriving: 5 big new features

Instagram is changing its face, and much-requested features are finally arriving: 5 big new features

Instagram is ready to change its face by introducing the features that users are most requesting: there will be five big new features coming soon.

Among the most popular social networks in the world we certainly find Instagram, a photo-sharing platform loved by users. Over the course of this year, the developers have introduced many new features and are now ready to add five new functionalities: What’s changing for users.

New functions coming for users –

2023 has certainly been an eventful year for Instagram, which has seen many changes compared to its version last year. Meta’s goal was to patch up TikTok, which currently holds the crown as the world’s most used social network. So the developers decided Providing various features capable of changing the user experience. Among them we certainly find Reels, that is, the short videos that appear in the “Explore” section.

Moreover, it was recently approved by the European Union Use themes for the ancient continent. This is Instagram’s new text-based social network and allows users to share their mood just like Facebook does. Threads’ format is very similar to Twitter’s, where the user migration has already begun. But now the social network wants to introduce it Five new features Able to surprise users.

Instagram is changing its face, new features are coming: all the news

In these hours, Instagram has launched a new update capable of launching many new features. The first of these is A Brand new anti followers spam filter, which can be set by users. In fact, it will be possible to activate it by going to the “Privacy” section in “Settings”. After that, you will have to go to follow and invite friends and at this point activate the filter. This way you will be able to manually allow or delete followers who are considered fake.

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Instagram features expected by users
What is changing for Instagram users –

Moreover, now all users will be able to do so Insert any background under your posts or reels. In fact, in Stories it will be possible to find a new menu that will allow you to add a photo from the gallery, to enlarge it across the entire screen. At this point two lines will appear, and by scrolling down it will be possible to move the image as wallpaper, while if you hold down the lock, the element will no longer move.

Another very useful new feature is the ability to drag a comment to the right and click a button to add it to Stories. This way you can reply or share the comment below the post. Then in Stories, by dragging the control panel, it will be possible to find new effects for the blurred background. Thanks to this it will be possible to obtain better lighting, also thanks to artificial intelligence. Finally after 12 years, stuck with the profile picture It will be possible to zoom in to see it more closely.