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Inside a cage of fog and smog, bad air quality in the coming days »

Inside a cage of fog and smog, bad air quality in the coming days »

Weather: Inside a cage of fog and smog, the air quality is bad for the next few days

Weather: Heavy fog and high altitude pollution, serious health hazards. Here’s how long this will takeOur country dominates An enormous high pressure field Which has been centered for a few days now in Italy ensuring mostly stable weather everywhere. But the flip side of the strong anti-hurricane presence this season is represented by fog (and not only). over there Po ValleyBeside Valleys of the Alps and Apenninesare the areas most exposed to low visibility, which is sometimes continuous during the day, causing great inconvenience, especially to road traffic, which has become somewhat dangerous in particular because of the so-called blurry “banks”.

To this, another factor must be added that is no less important and certainly should not be underestimated: pollution. The fog that hangs over the regions of the northern plain for several days does nothing but Level up Smog, especially in large urban areas, where fog acts as a kind of invisible hood. In fact, fine particles remain trapped in the lower layers of the atmosphere, also due to the absence of wind, pollutant increase Exponentially.

Only the arrival of rain can loosen this kind of hellish cage and help make the situation less problematic. In fact, precipitation helps to “clean up” the atmosphereBut we still have to wait a long time for the arrival of a turbulent front. In fact, this huge tornado will probably be able to keep us company At least until the New Year.
In the meantime, we advise you to refer to our page dedicated to air quality.

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