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Insecticide-resistant mosquitoes, recent discovery leaves you speechless

Insecticide-resistant mosquitoes, recent discovery leaves you speechless

But are mosquitoes resistant to insecticides? The latest discovery leaves everyone speechless. Let’s find out what it is.

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the mosquitoes They have always been our number one enemy during the summer, but lately we often see them despite the winter temperatures.

To combat them, repellents have been used for years Insecticides This good or bad always works out, but something changes.

In fact, there seem to be mosquitoes that are highly resistant to insecticides, even the most powerful ones for professional use. A recent study has identified what these mosquitoes are. Let’s get to know more about it.

The scientific study of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes

Discovering the science of pesticides
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Recently a team of researchers from different regions of the world mosquitoes Which seems to be very resistant to regular insecticides.

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This would be a huge problem considering that mosquitoes carry many diseases that are deadly to humans, such as malaria, the Zika virus, and yellow fever.

Until now, potents have been used to avoid the spread of these viruses Chemical insecticides Aim to eradicate this mosquito, but the situation seems to be changing.

According to the study, some mosquitoes Cambodia Born in Vietnam have evolved to become resistant to this type of pyrethroid-based insecticide.

The scientists then analyzed the genomes of mosquitoes that had survived pyrethroid-based insecticides, and found a genetic mutation in Gene L982W.

In total, they were found at the end of the study 10 trunks With mutations very similar to those found in Cambodian mosquitoes. Also, about 78% of Cambodian mosquitoes were resistant to pyrethroid insecticides and transgenic samples were resistant to approx 100 times more.

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Moreover, thanks to the study, it was possible to discover that mosquitoes with the genetic mutation of the L982W gene can survive exposure to insecticides with pyrethroids at a level about 1000 times higher than the normal amount that kills mosquitoes.