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Inputs to the 2021 role may include teachers who were not appointed in the first phase. Pay attention to school office announcements

Inputs in the role of teachers 2021: After the transfer, by the Ministry, allocation distribution and operational mechanisms, school offices begin Phase 2. So they set aside the province for designated teachers and open applications for the selection of schools.

Teachers are not recommended in the first phase

In Phase 1, the distribution of the allotment is pending and to “apologize” for any denial, the school offices have assembled more teachers than already known locations.

So, there are teachers who have compiled the province’s selection of online events, but are not really satisfied and do not come up with the number of places to be allocated.

Submission appointments

After phase 2, i.e., the selection of the school by the teachers who receive the nomination, Empty seats may still be.

In fact, some teachers may relinquish that role because they were appointed in an undesirable province, while others may resign after a seat has been reserved.

Vacancies in this way should be allocated by submission, i.e. by scrolling through the rankings, starting from the first not recommended.

Therefore, interested teachers are invited not to consider closing the contribution for the 2021/22 school year and to follow the notices on the reference site and to properly maintain the email address associated with online events.

Recruitment from GPS

If the requirements are met and there are still spaces, the next step is the scrolling of the GPS

Inputs in the role of teachers 2021: Phase 2 begins, after the school selection GPS. Guide


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