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INPS, you can no longer collect your pension this way: only your bank can solve the problem for you | Run away or they won’t give you money


INPS and Pensions –

For some retirees, July is a month of changes: some will not be able to receive their pensions as usual.

July is an important month for retirees, Because it will allow many of them to reach the long-awaited fourteenth. However, whether that’s true or not, July also feels like a month Changes by INPS: The problem, according to the institute, is the accreditation methods.

Transfer of checks In fact, it can lead to the loss of the thing itself, causing delays and, consequently, missed payments. To overcome this problem, INPS has organized a new payment plan Which will affect up to 317,000 Italian pensioners. Most payrolls will be paid in July (and for the coming month) as usual: either by bank or postal transfer. As for the remaining category of retirees, all that remains is to mobilize to ensure that this does not happen Delay or misunderstanding.

Pensions: A plan for greater security and efficiency

Now, many pensioners have breathed a sigh of relief, as announced by the National Social Security Institute Important changes, but not for everyone. The people who have to move are Italian pensioners living in Austria, Belgium, Tunisia and Australia. In fact, starting in July, INPS started It will eliminate the payment of pensions by cheque To improve efficiency and reduce problems related to postal disruptions.

The INPS plan, as mentioned earlier, aims to Avoid recurring problems Related to loss of checks during transportation and combating undue payments. Currently, Citibank operates a pension payment service abroad, offering different payment methods: credit to a current account, cash at direct correspondent branches (generally Western Union), or a non-transferable deposit check. but, The last option will be gradually eliminated.

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Pensioner holding banknotes
Italian pensions abroad: the new collection method –

New collection methods

For retirees residing in Austria, Belgium, Tunisia and AustraliaINPS has introduced new operating instructions. Recently, pensioners in Europe received a form from Citibank to provide their banking details. This form, accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document and your bank details (Bic, Iban or UK sort code and account number), It had to be completed and returned by June 15.

Who has not sent the form yet You will need to collect your July pension in cash from a Western Union office in your country of residence. From 1 July, new pensions or pension transfers from Italy will be paid in cash at Western Union branches, unless provided Bank details to obtain credit via bank transfer. Finally, INPS has clarified that this collection method will also remain active for subsequent payments, until pensioners request a change in payment methods.


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