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INPS ramps up checks before saying goodbye to the DRC The data is depressing

Citizenship income is about to be eliminated by the government led by Giorgia Meloni, but the INPS continues to check the suitability of applications and requirements of applicants and beneficiaries, causing on the one hand greater control and on the other hand, severe delays with recharges.

The bureaucratic process which has hitherto granted a monthly allowance to the most needy Italians is certainly not simple, in fact the great number of checks that have to be made, in order to allocate the benefit only to those in need, often slows down a mechanism also because of whom, though deserving of it , does not receive his money and is forced to jump through hoops.

From January to October 2022, the INPS announced that it had denied, suspended or revoked the right to citizenship income for more than 800,000 people for a variety of reasons, and here is the specific data:

  • 50,000 recipients found their payments on hold due to missing some data, such as residency in Italy or incorrect data regarding job requirements
  • 60,000 DRC people have been sacked due to false declarations of assets or convictions
  • 216,000 applications were rejected due to incorrect data provided
  • 240,000 applications were rejected due to omission and lack of Italian residency
  • 264,000 beneficiaries lost their right to income due to a non-compliant ISEE or a change in the family unit

Although all of these controls can stop instances of income going to the wrong people, delays and obstruction of payments have put families in rather precarious circumstances, just consider that in October, about 70,000 people received payments 3 weeks late.

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DRC questions rejected, INS Opinion

However, the INPS reports that it has: “intensified prior checks with the aim of preventing and identifying opportunistic and fraudulent behavior, cross-referencing ads found in RdC applications and in relevant only alternative ads to data and information contained in private archives.”

inps rdc

Accordingly, following this reasoning: “This made possible the interception of presumed symptomatic cases of the absence of one or more conditions of the applicant and the adoption of subsequent refusal measures immediately, and the expectation of such verification at the time of submission of applications, is an acceptable option and is regulated today by specific law.

The institute also announced that if the checks carried out revealed irregularities, the requests are: “Requests are immediately rejected by the procedure administering the procedure, or suspended in cases where further investigations are required, in any event always before Payment of allowances.