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INPGI pension is fully cumulative with income from work

The unified approach to legal jurisprudence. Article 15 of the INPGI Regulation on the Alternative Administration of AGO must be rejected.

The veto reiterates the principle that pensions are paid by the House of RepresentativesINPGI It is entirely cumulative with income from business or self-employment. As expected for INPS retirees. This is what we read wholesale no. 33144/2021 In which the Higher College rejected the appeal of the Social Security Institution, which aspired to abolish the substantive ruling.

As is known, Article 15 of the INPGI Regulation states that all pensions, except for old-age, disability and inheritance pensions paid by the Institute, can be combined with income from dependent and self-employed workers of any kind up to a maximum of 22,524, €13 (year 2021) . The surplus income in relation to the cumulative ceiling, within 50% of the treatment itself, goes to the reduction of the pension payable. On the other hand, in INPS, seniority pensions are fully cumulative with income from employment or self-employment (reintroduced only for the so-called “100 quota pension” which was not provided for by INPGI).

Court, overriding the dissenting opinion expressed by Cass. No. 8067 and 12671 of 2016 reinforced the principle according to which, in terms of accumulating between pensions and income from work, members of the National Institute for the Care of Italian Journalists (INPGI) The same rules should apply to those enrolled in compulsory public insurance Belonging to the INPS, with the consequent need to reject Art. 15 of the INPGI Regulation which governs the issue of accrual of income from work and pensions in a manner different from that provided for in the Regulations relating to Compulsory Public Insurance.

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In fact, the judges made clear that the rules for accumulating the treatment of a pension with income from work apply equally to all forms of compulsory public insurance substitution regardless of whether they are privatized or not. Therefore, in line with the trend of recent years, the Supreme Court reiterates that the seniority pension provided by INPGI1 is entirely cumulative with income from employment (employee or independent worker) in the same manner as provided by INPS.