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Inflation drives savings into networks: collection in April

Inflation drives savings into networks: collection in April

In fact, liquidity increased by only 155 million euros (2.2 billion in March), while the flow of deposits in general on financial instruments, asset management and insurance/pension products reached 3.5 billion, up 36.6% month-on-month. The best results were recorded by the managed component, with an increase of 80.6% per month to 1.4 billion euros. Instead, net deposits in the managed component of the portfolio amounted to €2.1 billion, an increase of 17%.

“In the context with the current scenario, the financing results are well represented – particularly in the assessment of the asset mix – the growth of our system which continues to mobilize the demand for financial advice on the part of Italian savers. The process of investment planning and diversification is ongoing and also includes the liquidity collected in the previous months which is being Gradually directing them towards more efficient financial solutions, recognizing that the current economic situation more affects the real value of savings remaining in current accounts, declares “Marco Tovanelli, Secretary General of the Association”.

Managed savings

The direct distribution of mutual fund units resulted in net inflows of €611 million. It was emphasized that the participation of consolidation unions unlimited under foreign law was prevalent (637 million) as well as positive net flows of closed funds (42 million). On the other hand, the balance sheet of Italian open funds was still negative and equal to -69 million.

Net inflows into the collective management of shares exceeded 1 billion euros. Approximately 52% of the net resources allocated to the managed component of the portfolio went to the insurance / pension sector with volumes equivalent to 1.1 billion euros. Premiums were positive for all product types, with net payments spread over multi-branch policies (514 million) and unit-linked policies (428 million). The balance sheet for individual portfolio management came in positive for 395 million.

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