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Indian version also suspected in northern Sardinia: "Outbreak on the set of the Little Mermaid"

Indian version also suspected in northern Sardinia: “Outbreak on the set of the Little Mermaid”

There is also a delta – or Indian – type of covid in Sardinia. at least twelve The cases were discovered in southern Sardinia, and now 15 more suspected cases are being examined by the Aou virology lab, all attributed to the Trinità d’Agultu outbreak, which broke out on the set of the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid” that was being filmed these days. Between Castelsardo and Golfo Aranci.

This morning it was officially 15 positive for the virus, including 12 part of the Disney squad, one of whom is hospitalized in the infectious diseases department in O Sassari. The others are in isolation in the tourist facilities where they are staying, between Trinita d’Agulto and Isola Rossa.

Wait a week or ten days for the sequencing results to be sure of the type of virus that has changed.

More than 150 swabs were performed between the direct contacts of the positives, the result of which is expected.

The alarm is sounding just like in the Department of Infectious Diseases in Sasari Oo, we are back to normal and preparing to reopen admissions for non-Covid patients. There are only four patients so far, none of them in intensive or semi-intensive care.

“Things are better, we have resumed outpatient activities and are organizing to reopen the ward soon even for non-Covid patients – in any case, we must continue to be vigilant,” explains Director Sergio Papudere. The virus has not gone away and if we want to keep the number of hospitalizations down And to consolidate the freedoms we are slowly reclaiming, we must persevere in behaving properly and vaccinating ourselves.”

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Appeal to young people and workers: Before the season begins at the resorts, get vaccinated, otherwise we risk a repeat of what happened last summer. A lot of tourists arrive in Sardinia from abroad and diverse people travel with people.”

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