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India: Rape victims mocked and beaten – News Abroad

India: Rape victims mocked and beaten – News Abroad

These pictures are incredible!

A woman (16) runs through a small Indian town with a rope around her waist. She is tied up with a man (21), beaten and verbally abused by the audience.

Shocking background: According to a media report, the young man was previously raped by the man. Therefore, both should be publicly humiliated.

In widely used video recordings, dozens of men walk around the two of them and shout “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” (German: “Long-lived Thai India”).

Police eventually released the girl from the crowd.

To protect the girl, Indian broadcaster NDTV only aired heavily pixelated recordingsPhoto: Twitter

The girl’s family is said to have helped start the humiliating ritual, local media reported.

Six people were arrested, including 16-year-old relatives involved and a rape charge. He is said to be married with two children.

In fact, child marriage has been banned in India since 2006. According to the children’s charity “Terre des Holmes”, a quarter of girls of all ages in rural areas are still married.

Mass demonstrations after the rape

In India, brutal sexual violence is recurring, which has caused a stir internationally. The rape of student Jyoti Singh Pandey, 23, in December 2012 sparked protests in the country.

While traveling in New Delhi with her boyfriend on the bus, six men attacked her: they beat the man, raped the woman for more than an hour and beat her with an iron bar.

Then they both threw them on the street and tried to run away. The woman died within two weeks of the crime, and all six men were arrested and sentenced to death.

Only four of the perpetrators were executed. Reason: One of them was a minor at the time of the crime and the other was lying dead in his prison.

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