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India, more than 100 Muslim women were auctioned on an app.  Another case in July

India, more than 100 Muslim women were auctioned on an app. Another case in July

Indian Minister of Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnau blocking platform github who managed”Polly BayThe application through which hundreds of Muslims met two days ago “Messe all’asta”. Photos and details of more than 100 women of different ages whose lives were illegally shared. Among the accused, in addition to the developers of the app itself, are Twitter profiles who shared the photos.

This is not the first case, he remembers BBC: Already last July an application and a website called “Solly DealsYou have created more profiles than 80 gives a MuslimUsing photos uploaded to the internet and calling them the “deals of the day”. Six months later, no arrests have been made yet. The English broadcaster specifies that no real sales ever took place: The goal was to humiliate the victims by sharing their personal photos. Also, “Soli” is a derogatory Indian slang term often used by right-wing Hindu trolls to refer to Muslim women. Several of those whose photos were uploaded to the Bulli Bai app tweeted over the weekend that they were “shocked” and “horrified”. Among the targets were a number of journalists and activists. On Saturday, Minister Vaishnau said police were coordinating with IT agencies to “take further action”.

“This targeted and planned attack is a Attempting to take the microphone off educated Muslim women who express their opinion and speak out against Islamophobia,” he told the BBC Nazi Irum, author and former spokesperson for Amnesty India, following the ‘Sully Deals’ case.

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