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Income scale, from car to large hotel to comparison with Istat data: expenses in the spotlight

Income scale, from car to large hotel to comparison with Istat data: expenses in the spotlight

What will the controls be? Jewelry stores and restaurants instead of the wife

What is the income measure?
It is a system of “artificial determination of the total income of natural persons.”

When was it established?
On 29 September 1973, a presidential decree (presidential decree) was issued on the proposal of the then center-left government, which implemented a 1971 mandate, amended by decree law in May 2010 (government of Berlusconi IV) to adapt it to “the changing social and economic context” and then by another decree in July 2018 (Conte Government 1) which stipulates that every two years the Ministry of Economy must, by its own decree, “update the criteria for the inductive reconstruction of gross income”.

What income measure is used?
Determine, in cases of tax assessment on a natural person, the income (in the case of total evasion) or the greater income (partial evasion) attributable to him for a tax year or more, and therefore the taxes that must be paid. It is triggered when verifiable income exceeds declared income by 20%.

Is the income measure currently applied?
No, because it was suspended by decree law of 2018, starting from the 2016 tax year (2017 tax returns) and has not been restored again, also in light of the financial truce related to the pandemic.

What does the decree of Deputy Economy Minister Maurizio Liu say?
Liu’s decree, which has the mandate to implement the tax reform, reinstates the income measure, defining “the inductive content of elements indicating the ability to contribute” on the basis of which presumed income is determined. These standards, stipulated in Chapter 5 of the decree, apply to “the summary inventory of income and main income related to the tax years starting from the year 2016.”

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What is the “ability to pay indicative element”?
This means “the expenditure borne by the taxpayer and the tendency to save,” according to the list of indicators included in a table attached to the decree itself.

What are the expense items mentioned?
Food, beverages, clothing and footwear; residence; fuel and energy; Furniture, appliances and home services; health care; convey Communications; directions; Entertainment, culture and games (including pay TV subscriptions, club memberships and maintenance expenses for horses and pets); Other goods and services (from barbers to beauty salons, from jewelry to bags, from hotels to restaurants to couples’ suits); Investments (from buildings to vehicles, from stocks to paintings).

How is the income of the assessed person reconstructed?
First of all, by “data in the tax registry information system or in any case available to the financial department”, consider only all tracked payments. In the absence of data, the “minimum expenditure threshold” is used for individual items derived from Istat’s annual survey of household expenditure, taking into account the composition of the family unit (11 types, from individuals to couples with more than three children) and five Different regional areas. “In any case – says the decree – the amount of expenses resulting from information contained in the tax register or obtained during the interrogation with the taxpayer (interrogation is mandatory, ed.) is always considered prevailing compared to that. Calculated inductively.” Enrico Maro

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