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In the United States, Villa The One saw an unprecedented decline from half a billion to 141 million

In the United States, Villa The One saw an unprecedented decline from half a billion to 141 million

There are those who define it as America’s Last Dream Estate, and look at the history of this property and baptize it as a giant white elephant, which can be said to be a structure with high costs, but a hole in the water business perspective. However, everyone agrees that The One in Los Angeles is unique: hand numbered nearly ten thousand square meters, with its 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, a hall, 40-seat cinema, juice bar, cellar with ten thousand bottles, and five swimming pools with various water facilities. (One with master bedroom), garage with a bowling alley and 30 parking spaces.

But now it has been auctioned off, and its value has been devalued as part of the construction company’s bankruptcy proceedings for a 5 175 million loan. Half a billion to 141 million dollars, about 130 million euros, the size of the winning auction.

The Concierge auction, a luxury real estate company that conducted online auctions, explained that the figure was more than double the highest real estate auction held in the United States and nearly 50% higher than the world record. The company’s website has received over 200,000 views from 170 countries, with over 2,800 customers, 40 screenings and 5 bidders from the United States and New Zealand.

The winning bid is much lower than the initial property value. This is because, according to The Los Angeles Time report, the Bell Air Mega House also has a long series of problems. The construction project failed in several legal and accreditation battles: a building was auctioned off without significant approvals, work still to be completed. This explains the decline: to be able to live there, lawyer Byron Moldo, an expert in bankruptcy law, explained to the newspaper The Guardian, a lot of investments are still needed. Should now be spent by new buyer not yet disclosed by bankruptcy procedure. A judge will review and approve the sale by the end of the month.

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Niles Niami, who imagined The One, embarked on a number of projects to avoid the auction: in plans to turn it into a venue for boxing matches and holographic appearances of dead celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. , Is supported by the value of the property until The One Coin generates cryptocurrency. But that did not help, because in the meantime the plague has changed the tastes and habits of the grunge, said Chad Rofers, head of the Consumers’ auction.