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Il tempo previsto fino a Venerdì

In the next few hours, Sibion ​​captures Italy, but by Friday there will be thunderstorms; எங்கே See where is

Weather: In the next few hours, Sibion ​​will capture Italy, but by tomorrow there will be thunderstorms; Let’s see where

Expected time until FridayHeat resistance cycle CypioIt will rise further from the warmer Sahara lands to the north to capture our country which has already begun. The next hour Although we expect more storms in some parts of Italy by Friday, the signs of its existence are very clear.

After a brief break managed by an environment Weather forecast The climate is not particularly hot and sometimes a little unstable, now the atmosphere is stabilizing again, but above all it is getting warmer. In fact, we will encounter the second heat wave after the season, which marks a good part of May.

So, in the next few hours, firm stable weather practice awaits us across the country and Temperature The climate is ready to rise again above average, especially on the two large islands and much of the south.
To detect less calm conditions, instead, it is necessary to wait until the afternoon, when only alpine areas are the scene of regular heat storms, which often develop in border reliefs. Here, in fact, we will be affected by the high interference of cold and unstable currents due to the deep hurricane currently located between Sweden and southern Finland.

These kinds of dangers are even more evident on Friday. The day before the first weekend of June will actually be plagued by more interruptions Thunderstorms It can extend not only to the north and relief areas, but also to the Po Valley in the west. The Piedmont and Lombardy plains are therefore at risk, with thunderstorms likely to intensify.

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Lots of sun and high temperatures above all, we expect already very high temperatures in other parts of Italy, especially the two large islands and most parts of the south.
This will be the prelude to a very hot weekend with temperatures that can cross the threshold 40 C In some regions.
But we will give more details about this in the next update.