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In the next few days, rain is expected to return, even as the storm recedes;  Updates »

In the next few days, rain is expected to return, even as the storm recedes; Updates »

Weather: Although the storm is echoing, rain is expected to return in the next few days; Updates

Still high pressure, but a storm approaches from the westAlthough a strong African anticyclone has moved in, rain is expected to return to at least some of our regions over the next few days.

The cause of temporary energy loss of high pressure should be sought to accommodate one’s transit A slight disturbance coming from the nearby Atlantic.
As such, the ocean currents are once again trying to move towards the Mediterranean basin, although the African-based high pressure does not seem to have any intention of abandoning it.
Going into more forecast detail, in between Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th Weather does not show any particular tremor So moderately good weather will continue in the south and the two main islands, as well as the usual gray over much of the center and north.

from Thursday 29thHowever, we will be witnesses A gradual increase in clouds In the north, even with the arrival of some weaklings rain, Especially on that day Liguria, Lower Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Rain will become more widespread by evening Tuscany.
The map below shows the expected rainfall distribution and accumulations for the day Thursday, December 29: in colored areas Blue Waiting for 40 mmWhen highlighted in that color The sky is blue One should not go further than me 10/15 mm.Rainfall forecast for Thursday, December 29Rainfall forecast for Thursday, December 29
Instead, light fine weather will continue in the south and in the Major Islands, where only clouds can be seen near the low Tyrrhenian Sea and especially along the coasts of Campania and Calabria.

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A weak disturbance will continue its journey during that time Friday the 30th Although the situation will gradually improve in the north as the hours go by, the same regions will have the most obvious effects.
It will be a precedent Weekend year-end under the sign of a New high pressure reinforcementMake sure to heal the small wound that will open in the next few days.