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In the middle of a dinner, in Senigallia... never-before-seen things - Libero Quotidiano

In the middle of a dinner, in Senigallia… never-before-seen things – Libero Quotidiano

They didn’t know the people in the restaurant Lambara from Senegal That this anonymous reservation of a secluded table was made by the entourage of Russian Vasco. Thus reveals Prophet, When the singer appeared for dinner at Mameli Beach, the owners were stunned. But his privacy was guaranteed and no one bothered him.

Just Laura Navva The owner of the restaurant with her husband, Marco Rosati, approached him and She allowed herself to be shot with him before leaving. “The anonymous reservation arrived online with a specific request for a secluded table – he said – we only knew it was Vasco Rossi when we saw him enter.”

Then he concluded: “After dinner the staff saluted, came to the kitchen, it was like that Really nice and helpful. We had about twenty customers and a couple recognized him only because he was in the room with the people who came with him, aloof, and all the other regulars were in the big room.”

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