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Meteo editoriale martedì 12 luglio

In the last hour of rest, the most powerful heat wave of the summer comes »

Editorial Weather Tuesday 12 July: The last hour of rest, the most powerful heat wave of the summer has arrived

Editorial Weather for Tuesday 12th July16 degrees above average for July! This is the forecast for next Saturday between Normandy and Paris in France. Usually the maximum in these areas is 26 ° C, which means that in Northern Europe it can reach 40-42 ° C!
We are talking about this exceptional and dramatic heat in France, which is a feat, because it may hit Italy later.

Already From tomorrow On our country The thermometer rises again A cold anticyclone off the Azores will leave us: but the worst will come from early next week. The red-hot bubble of Normandy should really expand to Germany, the Alpine regions and then to our north: even in the Po valley there will be a risk of 42-43 ° C in the shade, which will be an absolute record!

Forecasts indicate this, but beyond 5/6 days, even in summer, this trend needs to be followed and confirmed: the African heat will definitely return, and this summer it will surely race towards a very unbearable and red-hot stage. . Often he climbs the top step of the stage; But as for over 40°C in the shade in the Po Valley, we await confirmation even though the forecast is more and more likely.

In this climate of intense heat, we try to still enjoy the pleasant warmth of these days in the company of the Azores anti-cyclone: Today Temperatures in the Mid-South will be below average; They are also expected Widespread rainfall across the entire Apennine ridge. A few showers between the Eastern Alps and Prealps, freshening over the mountains and local and nearby lowlands in the afternoon.
Good news for the next few hours, with temperatures below average and rain: but from tomorrow we prepare for a new African anticyclone already high in the Iberian Peninsula: 43-44 ° C is widely reached in the inland areas. East of Lisbon and part of Spain, Andalusia and Extremadura, values ​​will increase rapidly in the next few days: 46°C in Seville, 37°C in Paris and 36°C in London are expected!

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While we wait to see if exceptional heat from northern Europe will trickle down to Italy, next week will see a widespread 40 degrees in the shade in the Po Valley, with high peaks associated with high humidity.
In this first phase, the African anti-cyclone seems to target part of the Italian north-west and centre, after warming the Iberian Peninsula, France and southern England; Most likely in the south, temperatures will rise more slowly, however, returning to clearly above average after a short, firm cold phase.


Tuesday the 12th. In the north: many clouds in the morning in the eastern Alps, thunderstorms in the afternoon. Center: Thunderstorms over the Apennines, extending inland toward the adjacent plains. In the south: thunderstorms in the mountains, also in Puglia in the evening.

Wednesday the 13th. North: Cloudy skies everywhere. In the center: Prevailing good weather, hot. In the south: enough sunlight.

Thursday 14. In the North: Sunny and warm. In the center: sunny and warm. In the south: good weather.

trend. In the coming days, the African anticyclone will reassert itself with more vigor. Continued rising temperatures, especially warmer in the Mid-North.