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In the fall, there are risks for Europe, as confirmed by seasonal forecasts and NINA. Influences in Italy »

Weather: Autumn, there are risks for Europe, as confirmed by seasonal forecasts and NINA. Monuments in Italy

Frigid autumn: the first official indicators for the coming monthsThe autumn season Often characterized by Frequent weather changes It passes from the last sunny and warm days to the turbulent and cold fronts of northern Europe. So get ready, the next few weeks and Months will be hectic to say the least From a meteorological point of view.

According to the latest updates of European Center and ACCUWEATHER, in fact, the Outlook – Perspectives It’s so troubling, that we’re likely to head toward one of them dangerous season, characterized by the risk of serious flooding. But let’s move in order by analyzing all the news to better understand the reasons for these first concerns by analyzing Italy seasonal forecast To which are then added the first indications of a possible return girl.

The intense heat which marked much of the summer had an effect on the temperature of the seas, with values ​​already brought to About 4/5°C above average from ref. All this results in one More potential energy is at stakeThis is the fuel necessary for the development of extreme phenomena.

To confirm this there are forecasts of the European Center and AccuWeather Which pays special attention to areas Center – North grave danger flood events. This period of the year is often rather sensitive due to the strong contrasts that arise between completely different air masses: the last heat on the one hand and the first cold rush from Northern Europe on the other. The history of the recent past is unfortunately replete with flash flood events capable of causing landslides, thunderstorms and severe storms.

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Europe. Finally, taking a look at the rest of the continent, in the coming months, 1 to 3 . is expected Tropical Storms It reaches the British Isles, northwest Spain and Portugal causing torrential rains and storm surges along the more exposed coasts.

Warm with temperatures well above average climates rather in Eastern Europe where it would remain an unusually difficult high pressure field.

The real news For the rest of the fall, it comes down to the possibility of a comeback girl: This phenomenon mainly refers to the cooling of the surface water temperature in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, which often, Affects the climate of our planet, with different repercussions also in Europe and Italy. As we can see in the map below, the last reading of the Pacific water surface temperature (August 2021) indicated that it is about 0.5°C lower than the average, and in the coming months the trend should be for further down (-1.2 degrees Celsius).

It is conceivable that the return of La Niña It can increase the entry of many disorders Down the slope of the Atlantic he would find no obstacle from the high pressure who might instead take refuge in North Africa. Autumn Evolution, if confirmed, will be Somewhat rainy in Central and Northern Europe, with effects also on the northern regions of our country. The situation is different for the center and south where, in addition to above-average temperatures, rain will hardly arrive, with the more than appreciable risk of long periods of drought even in the autumn season.

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Will this really be the path the fall season will take? Nothing is certain about meteorology.

It’s still a question long-term trends Which needs further confirmation in the coming weeks, especially after other data for which we will immediately give you an account.

Accueather Seasonal Forecast: Serious Flood Risks in the North CentralAccueather Seasonal Forecast: Serious Flood Risks in the North CentralLa Niña phenomenon La Niña phenomenon