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Il tempo previsto per i prossimi giorni

In the days to come, severe African heat with saron, but there will be some dangers; Forecasts »

Weather: In the coming days, severe African heat with sarong, but there will be some dangers; Predictions

Weather forecast for the next few daysThere will still be good weather and especially Great heat Classify weather-climate image Next days. In fact, it is increasingly active SharonWarm anticyclonic promontory takes us directly to the center of summer, and to thermometers and atmospheric stability, despite some dangers.

The Mediterranean has been experiencing hot air waves of African descent for weeks now, and it is now clear how this unusual trend for June will still be with us, at least until the end of the month.

So what awaits us in the future? Already in between Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 Sharon The beating heart will begin to move to areas Center-North. The Bo Valley, the inner parts of the center and the temperature in the Chartia will start very hot, where they can even reach 40/41 ° C. All of these are often accompanied by stable weather conditions, though Temporary In the afternoon, mainly Reliefs Of North And slightly dirty skies, Wednesday, northwest, Mercury sweeter (at least temporarily) than northeast.

After the middle of the week, let’s say da Thursday 23The clouds move from the north to the center and a part of the south, and with them, the hot center of the tornado tornado.
The southern part of the country experiences hot weather with temperatures of 40/42 degrees Celsius during the last part of the week.
In the center-north, although the heat values ​​are “softened” by an environment, it is still hot. That the weather Typical heat storms that hit alpine areas and only occasionally hit freelps.
In short, not only is overheating a concern, but the absence of repeated rains can exacerbate the problem. Drought It plagues many parts of Italy.

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Hopes of radical change on the horizon? Unfortunately not! In fact, if all is confirmed next week, it could be strongly stabilized by the African anticyclone, hence the absence of total rainfall and strong temperatures above average.
We will update.