Sunday, July 21, 2024

In the coming hours we will have to wear layers, let’s see why »


Upcoming weather hoursWatch out for the next few hoursAnd We’ll have to wear layers!
After a few very turbulent days, marked by strong winds, rain and even snow and a return to a more sparkling climate, the context is now about to change due tohigh pressure Which is preparing to encircle our whole country.

However, these fluctuations on the climatic front are a completely normal aspect of this time of year, and are traditionally capable of presenting us with great changes, from winter swings to stable and warm phases, almost up to summer, Just like what will happen in the next few days.

Is spring finally coming then? Well, in terms of the short term, the answer is positive because the anticyclone has already started next hours It will ensure us more stable weather conditions and with Temperatures increasing.
However, the night will continue to be cool as well due to the larger clearing which contributes to a greater dispersal of the stored heat during the day towards the free atmosphere.
This is also why we will have to wear layers of clothing. to me In the early morning it will still be coldWhile solar radiation during the day contributes to a rapid rise in the mercury columns. But it is clear that the arrival of high pressure will also coincide with the complete disappearance of precipitation and this factor will help to maintain the water deficit that arose in the previous months, since in many regions of Italy the precipitation was noticeably absent, and is still somewhat pronounced.
Even the strong winds of the past few days will only be a memory. In fact, we won’t even talk about storms anymore 90 km/hbut simply for the classic breezes of light for atmospheric stability which would also result in a net attenuation of wave motion in all of our basins.

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In short, after an eventful stage, Primavera is about to show itself in all its splendor, but beware of rather insidious changes.
Also watch out for that at the end of this week Easter HolidayInside the egg there may be some surprises…


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