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In the coming hours, snow and rain fell at night in many areas. All risk areas »

Weather update: upcoming hours, rain and snow at night in many areas. All areas are at risk

Estimated time for the next few hoursIn the next hours And during the night rain And the ice They will continue to threaten part of the country and in some areas may be more intrusive than anticipated.

We are at the end winter Which is practically not present in certain areas of our country, but is still trying to gamble with its last chance to bring in some heavy rain, snow and a bit of hail. However, events that again affect only some areas of Italy where the effect of a new supply of cold air coming from distant and icy lands is being felt. Russian Siberian It flows on the eastern edge of another prominent element on the European chessboard. We are referring to the widespread anticyclone that occupied a large part of Italy for days, but extends to the northern regions of the old continent.

I play hard, here even between evening and night, Italy will still be divided in two at the front weather forecast. Umbrellas and heavy clothing will be necessary in some areas of the Central and South and the two main islands. Considering there is cold air and an inevitable fall indoors TemperaturesIn addition to rain, there will also be danger ice which can be lowered to medium altitudes, as in the case of the Apennine inscriptions in the center of the south, and to higher altitudes instead of those of Sardinia and Sicily. In these regions, bad weather will accompany us practically until the whole night when the rains tend to absorb starting from Sardinia.

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On the other hand, areas as far north as Tuscany will remain dry again. herehigh pressure It will continue to reject the cold hazards that occur in the rest of the country, helping to maintain a calmer, but above all, dry meteorological environment, exacerbating the age-old problem of drought that has affected these departments for very long.

This will also be a prelude to a start New week Still conditioned by the cold air that will insist on always punishing the same areas, albeit in a less visible form.
In fact, there is something new boiling in the pot. But we will give you more details about this in the course of upcoming updates.