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In space there may be "invisible walls" caused by unknown particles

In space there may be “invisible walls” caused by unknown particles

According to some of the most popular theories, smaller galaxies should be distributed around the larger galaxies in seemingly random orbits. However, this is not the case, and The youngest arrange themselves in thin discs around their hostsFor any reason?

Scientists are trying to understand this gapsuggesting that small galaxies may have ‘invisible walls’ created by a new class of particles called ‘invisible walls’.symmetriesTwo researchers from the University of Nottingham have suggested that the ‘fifth force’ is able to arrange galaxies in the form of a disk.

According to their theory, these are the speculative particles that researchers have used to explain the gaps in our knowledge of the universe, They can create “sphere walls”, or boundaries, in space. “We know we need new particles because we have dark matter and dark energy, and so we suspect we’ll need to add new particles to our Standard Model to explain these things.“,” Anish Naik, a researcher at the University of Nottingham, and lead author of the yet-to-be-published study.

This is the context in which people study theories like symmetric theories: it’s a new candidate particle for dark energy and/or dark matter.Finally, the expert was added. In short, it is clear that everything is still uncertain but this”theoretical particles“It could – at least one day – revolutionize physics.

Meanwhile, in the future Dark matter can be a very powerful fuel.

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