Saturday, July 20, 2024

In Salento, “The Economy of Wine Sharing” by Tenuta Liliana: Vineyards and Shared Distribution


In the world of wine, the sharing economy, that is, sharing the resources that are the basis of a more cooperative economy, has neither a great chance of success, nor easy applications, unlike symbolic examples more than anything else. That is why he proposed the Puglia ‘Wine Sharing Economy’ model Liliana’s estate, The company founded in Salento, in Parapita (two steps from Gallipoli) in 2018, by Milanese businessman Antonio Intelliglietta, creator of “Artigiano in Fiera” in Milan and of Boolean origins, is particularly interesting. On the distribution side, the “Wine Share Economy” model was born, in which the partners of the company would not only be retailers, but also external partners who could actively participate in the project: a vineyard shared by international partners who became partners in the company through subscribing to shares, which would sell Salento wine. In the world.
“I have raised the capital and in the next few days I will launch a stake for at least 40-50 local and international investors,” Antonio Intelliglietta told Il Sole 24 Ore. The goal, however, is not only to share a pilot project, but also Engage entrepreneurs away from the world of wine and salento, to attract investments in the region Capable of transforming agriculture – and viticulture – based on “agricultural income and motivating those who invest, who change the environment, and who create a farm of excellence. That way we will be able to give life to the Salento Valley,” says the entrepreneur, who in ten years will invest 10 million euros In Tenuta Liliana, it produces 80 thousand bottles from 14 hectares of owned vineyards, from the current 8.5.


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