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In November, a new €150 bonus: this is |  News

In November, a new €150 bonus: this is | News

This is the second measure envisaged by the government in the Ter Aid decree targeting fewer beneficiaries than the number already paid last July.

Sardinia Live Editorial Staff

Who are the beneficiaries? The earner’s economic status changes in order to take advantage of the bonus. In fact, only those who can prove an ISEE worth 20 thousand euros, and no longer 35 thousand, will be able to get it.

In terms of categories, they will be largely the same as those stipulated in the decree issued in July 2022, such as employees, retirees, unemployed recipients of Naspi and citizenship income holders.

How to order – They differ from one category to another.

employees They will not have to apply because the compensation is automatically recognized and will be paid by the employer directly in the November salary slip, provided that the monthly salary does not exceed 1,538 euros.

to me local collaborators Compensation will be paid automatically by INPS on the basis of the previous announcement made for a bonus of €200 in July 2022. I Cococo (Contracts of coordinated and continuous cooperation), on the other hand, should not exceed 20 thousand euros in 2021.

The seasonal workersand therefore time-limited and intermittent, you must have worked strictly for 50 days to access the bonus.

The retired و Holders of social security or social security treatment, disability and accompanying retirement from 1 October 2022 will find a one-time amount of 150 euros directly in the November allowance. the same procedure for friends basic incomewhich will show the added amount in the November installment.

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Possible news of the Meloni government – Likely other recipients like trainees Which trainees And that the number rise slightly to help families cope with increases in their bills.