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In Mykolaiv among the ruins of the airport – report – the world

In the square in front of the airfield remains battle shells, caliber machine guns mounted on armored vehicles and tracking shots. These are the shots fired by the Ukrainian offensive brigade, which on March 9 regained control of the Mykolaiv airfield. But by the time the men from Kyiv regained possession of the station, the entire facility was already in tatters. The Russians had begun bombing the small coastal airport as early as February 24, and the following week they were able to take it after crossing the city with armored vehicles blocking one of the country’s main arteries that would have taken them to Kyiv, and completed it. Pincer maneuver on the capital. However, in those days, something went wrong with Putin’s plans and after a few days the Russian forces found themselves trapped in the port city and without supplies, they were forced to flee.
“What the Russians did not destroy in those days, they are doing today with Iskander missiles that are fired at our heads every day from Kherson and Nova Khakovka,” explains one of the soldiers of the press service of the Southern Command Center of the Kyiv Forces. . “They failed to take Mykolaiv and now their goal is to make it unlivable and prevent us from rebuilding it by demolishing all our infrastructure to the ground,” the soldier explains while kicking the rest of the abandoned baggage. After the Russians withdrew from the area around the airport, missile attacks were almost daily. Central Command of Mykolaiv.
The small coastal airport was supposed to stimulate tourism in the area, advertisements of some low-cost airlines can still be seen on the walls, the sign in the arrivals area has been placed by the army on the floor next to a teddy bear, deserted at the time of the first explosion, now lying on a bed of glass broken. Upstairs is an overturned chair and remnants of the tactical stakes testify to the presence of a sniper lying there, from the crack in the wall opposite the view opens onto the landing runway damaged by the explosions. Even the railway station met the same fate, if the old Soviet facade had held, the interior would have completely collapsed. However, the commercial port is still full, but part of the offshore diversions has already been destroyed, the latest attack Monday morning when a Russian missile hit the shipyards of Qatar’s QTerminals Olvia.
The coastal road to Oleksandrivka, the Ukrainian city in the Kherson region where the Southern Command mobilizes assault vehicles and from where it hopes to launch a counterattack on Kherson, thus returning to a stone’s throw from Crimea

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