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Settembre: prossime settimane molto movimentate

In mid-September something like a strike will happen for the first time in history; Details »

Weather: In mid-September something will happen for the first time in history; details

September: The next few weeks will be very busyThe beginning of September will be amazing. After a hot summer characterized by very little rain, the problem of drought is unfortunately increasingly widespread, many people ask us. How about next month?, It marks the beginning of autumn.
Well, the latest forecasts from computing centers are starting to smell of significant atmospheric movements at the European level with more news in Italy for the next few weeks.

As often happens in the weeks between one season and another, Italy is really between a rock and a hard place: in a brutal fight, there are two great weather figures who have begun to challenge each other in an arm wrestle. There are no winners or losers; On the one hand, we have Fresh and unsteady currents from northern Europe, Autumn has already sprung up; On the other hand, there are Hot African flames trying to climb further northHeading straight across the Mediterranean to our launch.

Well, the Ten days from September It is subject to a new condition Improved (another one this season) Disgraceful people African resistance It will be sunny and temperatures will be above average, especially in the mid-south and the two big islands.
Air masses with tropical characteristics (coming from inside the Sahara desert) should not be excluded. Maximum peak above 35°C In the afternoon hours.
A slightly different speech to North Due to the influx of cold and humid air from the North Atlantic, sunny and pleasant days may alternate with rapid rain / storm conditions: the eyes focus above all. 7/8 September During a startup trouble can create Temporary Also strong in northern regions.

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Then, if we analyze the general synoptic structure in the old continent (hypothesis of the American model GFS), we can see how one begins to “boil” in the western and Atlantic sector: up to 2 Storms May hit the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula British Isles. These enormous atmospheric machines have pressure drops at their cores 975 hPaand can unleash violent winds Hurricane Force.
The effects will be particularly felt Portugal, Spain (Northern Sectors), Ireland, Scotland and England In addition to the downpour, there will be wind 130 km per hour. On the beaches waves can be achieved 8 meters highas 2 Two storied building.

And in Italy?
The tail of these massive disruptions may touch our country and cannot be avoided. strike: these currents entering the Mediterranean basin can actually trigger a formation Cyclone spin From September 10/11 The result is a very chaotic and stormy and favorable autumn climate.

Attention, nothing unusual. This period of the year is often very mild due to strong contrasts created between completely different air masses: on the one hand the last heat and on the other hand the first cold coming down from Northern Europe. Recent past history is unfortunately full of flash flood events Landslides, Flash floods and severe thunderstorms.
Again, the surface water temperature of our oceans must be carefully monitored, which can provide the necessary energy for massive growth. Storm cells Whose prediction is possible only after a few days, especially with regard to the journey they are making.

As we always remember, The Long-term trends They help give a general idea of ​​the expected time So classic weather forecasts should not be understood, that is, they are not useful for planning events in your daily life.
Building on this necessary precedent, we can say that the fall of 2022 will be eventful.A very warm start to September with average temperatures especially in the central south and islandsA very warm start to September with average temperatures especially in the central south and islands

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Atlantic hurricane on course to hit EuropeAtlantic hurricane on course to hit EuropeWinds up to 130 km/h hit the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula and the British IslesWinds up to 130 km/h hit the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula and the British Isles