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In Matera "Space Opportunities 4 Next Generations" on the occasion of the National Space Day

In Matera “Space Opportunities 4 Next Generations” on the occasion of the National Space Day

On Friday December 16, 2022, from 9:00 to 13:00, the event “Space Opportunities 4 Next Generations” will take place at the headquarters of Openet Technologies SpA, “SPARKme Space Academy”, via dell’Industria in Matera, reserved for students, as part of From National Space Day.

‘Space Opportunities 4 Next Generations’ is the event organized by CLAS, the Lucanian Aerospace Cluster and Openet Technologies SpA, for National Space Day, where students will have the exceptional opportunity to watch Expedition, the first documentary film dedicated to a space mission – produced by the Openet Group in collaboration with ESA and ASI and interact with cosmonauts Paolo Nespoli and Slawosz Uznanski live from CERN in Geneva.
The day will end with a visit to the Sparkcom Space Academy.
Created by the government in 2021, the National Space Day aims to raise awareness and inform Italian citizens of the contributions that the application of science and technology in space leads to the improvement of the human condition and to make people understand the benefits that space activities bring to all. Life a days, in terms of growth, well-being, image and the global role of the country.
The date December 16 was chosen in memory of the launch of the first Italian satellite, San Marco 1, which took place in the United States on the evening of December 15, 1964, and which allowed Italy to enter, the third in the world after the United States. And the Soviet Union, in the few countries capable of conquering the Earth’s atmosphere.