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In Bolzano, a province with a vax-free record, infections and hospital admissions are on the rise.  President Combatcher: "The effect will be restrictive."

In Bolzano, a province with a vax-free record, infections and hospital admissions are on the rise. President Combatcher: “The effect will be restrictive.”

Progression of infection South Tyrol It is getting worse day by day and we will soon find ourselves in the conditions of the Austria we speak of. More restrictions“. President of the Province of Bolzano, Arno Compatcher, No longer uses words and goes straight to the point of the question: i Infection e Hospitals Growth simply confirms what “is” Science Has been telling us for months: Less vaccination e High risk“The effect is equally obvious:” The effect that can be there Change color And to Restrictions Activities “.

Then Trieste, Theater of major struggles No green bass, The province of Bolzano is in high numbers Positive Regarding population: 148 approx For every 100 thousand people. In addition, the pressure on hospitals is increasing at an alarming rate. According to I, the percentage of seats occupied by Govt patients in intensive care Give Agenas, Yet al 4%, Far from the warning levels reached by Friuli Venezia Giulia, it reached 10%. But what about Hospitals, From October 18th November 1 There is a real one in South Tyrol RisingThe employment rate in non-essential area wards was 5% 10 percent.

South Tyrol is also homeland No Vox, Where 60% of the population Finished Vaccine cycle. No other Italian region is worse. Hostility to anti-Govt vaccine has been expressed on several occasions. In Schools, For example, rose up 454 Number Students Those who have chosen parental education (required by law). A year ago there were only 125. Most are Children without wax The parents have decided to add Private schools There is no obligation for a green pass, even if you pay the entrance fee to go from there 200 To 400 Euro Per month. But vaccine resistance is also evidenced by failure. “Wax-bus“, An initiative set up by the province to bring vaccines to the Alto Adige Valley.

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“We can’t help but keep making it available All And settings We hope you can get vaccinated Would be optional“It simply came to our notice then. “Unfortunately there are statistics Very worrying, More and more infections are being diagnosed – said the President of South Tyrolean – we have a situation that is correctly associated with the vaccine: we have a low vaccination rate and it is a similar The spread of infection High. ”The task of appeasing the suspects will also continueInformation function, “Not just on vaccines, and more Effects The infection is highly contagious. Too bad – the compiler warned – the color had to change Accept more restrictions. Our situation is similarAustria And Germany There are fewer vaccines than in Italy. New control measures have been decided in Austria, ”he concluded.