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"In any international situation, dialogue with Francis is important for Moscow"

“In any international situation, dialogue with Francis is important for Moscow”

From the Russian Embassy in the Vatican –

Therefore, Russia highly values ​​the dialogue with Pope Francis regardless of international circumstances. The Pope himself, expressing a desire to meet Putin in Moscow, noted that his request remained unanswered, and also confirmed that he was ready to visit Ukraine but only after he went to Moscow.

In fact, the response to Bergoglio came directly through della Conciliation No. 10, the residence of the Russian ambassador in the Vatican.

Kremlin website –

There is no agreement on a possible meeting between Pope Francis and Russian President Vladimir
put it in the . This was announced by the Kremlin.

Dissenting opinion of the Pope’s visit to Russia

Instead, it came from Putin’s inspirational ideologist, Alexander Dugin, in an interview with national newspaper. “Pope Francis represents that branch of Christianity which since the Middle Ages has not represented any authority for us Orthodox Christians. In the modern anti-Christian West, the influence of the Pope is minimal, reduced to an insignificant and ineffective human function.”

“We don’t care what Pope Francis thinks about ‘just’ and ‘unjust’ wars,” said Dugin.–and his call to seek an agreement in the event of a vital conflict between Russian civilization and what is in our eyes the civilization of the Antichrist, without understanding Our position in particular, does not have much weight for us.” He concludes, “It was necessary to reflect on the time when Catholics supported Russophobia among the Ukrainian federations. This is one of the many factors that led to the present conflict.”

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