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Settembre: prossime settimane molto movimentate

In a few days something remarkable will happen for the first time in history; Details »

Weather: In a few days, for the first time in history, something remarkable will happen. the details

September: The coming weeks are very busyBy mid-September to For the first time in history Something amazing will happen at the level of the atmosphere in Europe, with the possibility of it happening Risks also for Italy. In short, after a start characterized by the return of subtropical high pressure, especially in the central south, which is crucial turn around On the weather front.

As so often happens in season-to-season transitions, Italy is in fact caught between a rock and a hard place: two great meteorologists have begun to challenge each other in a fierce struggle, in arm-wrestling for which there is no winner or loser for the moment. On the one hand, we have New and unstable currents from Northern Europe, where autumn has already begun to run; On the other hand, there is Hot African flames still trying to climb northCross the Mediterranean and head straight towards our chest.

This year, however, there is one emerging Configuration never seen before (at least as long as there are records) in the mid-Atlantic with a tornado It can reach the coasts of Western Europe. The peculiarity of this event lies in the area in which the cyclone was “born”, that is, I Latitude 38 degrees norththat is, farther north than normal (tropical latitudes) in a region where ocean surface waters are particularly warm, up to +5°C above normal values, which is a really anomalous result for the past few months.

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This enormous atmospheric machine, in the center of which the pressure will drop 975 hPa, capable of unleashing high winds of over 140-150 km/h. According to the latest NOAA update (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US body dealing with oceans and atmosphere)Hurricane Danielso it was named, It can reach the ancient continent by mid-September. Some models estimate that Danielle, or the rest of her, may work Crossing over Western Europe،, which affects weather conditions in Spain, France and the United Kingdom as well as inItalia.
However, this simulation is still very uncertain and it will take days to be more certain about its path.

No matter how strong the impact of this depression is, the effects will be especially felt PortugalAnd the Spain (North sectors), IrelandAnd the Scotland and England Where in addition to heavy rain, gusts of wind can reach 130 km/h. along the coasts waves can reach 8 meters highK 2 two-storey building.

Is it Italy? Our country can also take a big risk.
Indeed, we could be affected by the tail of this massive turbulence, and here is the new shift: the entry of these currents into the Mediterranean basin may in fact lead to the formation of cyclonic vortex From 13/14 September Hence the preference for a somewhat turbulent, stormy climatic phase and a harbinger of a decidedly autumnal climate.

As we always remember, long-term trends They serve to provide a general idea of ​​the expected time Thus they should not be understood as classic weather forecasts, that is, they are not useful for planning events in your daily life.
Having made this necessary hypothesis, we can say that the fall of 2022 promises to be eventful.

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Hurricane Daniel seen from satelliteHurricane Daniel seen from satelliteBaric formation is expected in EuropeBaric formation is expected in Europe