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Improves PlayStation Now cloud gaming?  -

Improves PlayStation Now cloud gaming? –

It seems that Sony He recently filed a new patent that appears to indicate the potential design of a hardware system multi graphics To be used as a primary platform for cloud games, which could suggest an app to improve graphics and performance of titles on PlayStation Now, or in any case in cloud gaming.

This isn’t the first time something like this has surfaced, as a similar document was also revealed last year, even suggesting the PS5 Pro could be used with a dual GPU.

Style featured with Sony’s patented multi-graphics system

This does not appear to be the case, as the published diagrams seem to indicate something other than one Control unit, being a kind of complex architecture that customers can interact with through a connection in the cloud.

The project that emerges from the patent is rather complicated, but it seems to be based on a system Workload distribution Between different graphics cards placed in parallel, similar to what happens with configurations in SLI or Crossfire, but here the question arises a little larger.

The meaning of all this is to ensure the highest quality of the game for users using the platform via the cloud, in terms of resolution and frame rate, as well as reduced latency. The technology in question should focus on proper partitioning of data to be managed in a multi-GPU system and allow for one Buffer management, so that waiting times are reduced between one process and another, in order to speed up the work even more.

In any case, it is not known at the moment if this technology can have an actual application, let alone be used in PlayStation Now or some other platform. Speaking of Sony’s subscription service, we remind you of the games released in November 2021 on PlayStation Now.

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