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Immigrants, Sea Watch's video report: "Libyan so-called 'Coast Guard' shoots boats from a patrol boat donated by Italy"

Immigrants, Sea Watch’s video report: “Libyan so-called ‘Coast Guard’ shoots boats from a patrol boat donated by Italy”

First The Shooting, And then again Rumming attemptsFinally, even throwing things away. NGO Sea Watch has released a video showing the behavior The so-called Libyan Coast Guard Against expatriate boats. In the Maldivian SAR area, a boat targeted a boat and chased it, endangering the lives of the people on board. The video also listens to radio communications asking members of Sea Watch to stop the Libyans. Sixty-three people have escaped the attack and taken refuge, according to the German charity Lampedusa. Patrol boat Ross Jadir, used by Libyans Donated by Italy four years ago.

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