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Immigrant Tears.  Lesson (not required) from Fornero for Italians

Immigrant Tears. Lesson (not required) from Fornero for Italians

Who could write a eulogy to weeping if not her, Elsa ForneroIs the Minister of Labor who succumbed to tears when, together with then-Prime Minister Mario Monti, announced the harsh reforms imposed by the European Union on Italy? On the printing press Today he warmly paid tribute to the champions who moved on Sunday to Wembley Stadium. Not only the Azzurri winners, but also the English are determined on penalties. Then Matteo Berrettini who, despite the defeat, left Wimbledon with his head held high. Tears come from the heart, not the brain., reminds us by making the words of Leonardo da Vinci himself. All to invite politicians Rediscover your emotions and become more human., but above all to give Italians another unwelcome lesson: “In this ocean of tears, those who should move us above all else are those gods. immigrants jumped out of a sinking boat.

It was 2011, and while Fornero is now a thing of the past, many displacement They still remember bitterly that sudden plunge into our social security system. Fortunately, today this beautiful country is experiencing a climate of profound renaissance and is looking to the near future with greater hope than it was able to do in the past year and a half. victory Azure At Wembley v England fierce and determined to do anything to bring the title home, many analysts view it as an iconic image of a fresh appeal. We all need it. After nearly 130,000 deaths due to Covid-19, after the failed Gilorossi season, after the economic crisis that attacked the Italian system to its foundations. That cry of liberation after Donnarumma’s final show and that cup raised in the skies of England is the beginning of a dream.

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Fornero wanted to capture this moment of joy crying The liberation that gave us up. Mancini and Viale above all. But not only. also noted “The angry tears of losers”. Even those are not plants, they stayed in the throat until the end. Those of Berrettini, those of London fans, are “real or fake, respectful or dishonest”. In short: everything is the opposite of everything. She even went so far as to say that it was tears that should move us the most.”They are the migrants who have jumped from a boat about to sink, and there is no beach or rescue boat in sight.” The “Drops of terrible pain merge into the waters of the Mediterranean and make it saltierThe only cry I forgot to mention, we would like to point out, is the silent pain of the families of the Covid victims. Possible? In the past year and a half, many people have cried away from the cameras, perhaps outside a hospital or locked at home without loved ones or, again, behind The shutters of a failed restaurant.. However, Fornero doesn’t seem to have noticed, except to say the pandemic might make us “reconsider the role of tears” and “become more humane.”

On the other hand, she did not forget to serve us again the pleasant soup usual for immigrants. And he did not fail to send (unsolicited) advice to those with political power who in recent years have shown a “little heart” and a “small mind”. He never called them right-wing leaders (Matteo Salvini, first of all) but they think of them as scolding him. Nothing new under the sun. But forget about the agony of the past year and a half to draw the reader’s attention once again (and only) to a dramaclandestine immigration It is deeply misleading and ideological. As well as incomprehensible.

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