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Immediately Filippo Gana with the quartet! Blue also competes – OA Sport


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Hello everyone, and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the first day dedicated to bike tracking at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. L ‘ISO Velodrome Ready to host the best and best contestants in the world, and today we will be able to see a prize The first Olympic title, that of women’s team speed, But above all the two tests that interest you blue colors, Which Team follow-up qualifications, both men and women.

Let’s move on to our quadruple circuit Francesco Lamon, Simone Consone, Jonathan Milan And the Verbania locomotive Filippo Jana. Our blues will start in fourth place. Definitely the national team scarier She is the Rio 2016 bronze. which is denmark With his world record held in the last world championships they won, and where Italy won the bronze. was there in rio Great Britain to win before new Zeland, Other opponents are really strong, like the rest of the membersAustralia , Silver in the last Olympics.

As for the quartet, it will be women in the beginning Rachel Barbieri, Letizia Paternoster, Elisa Balsamo and Vittoria Guazzini. that blue They will go second In a fight that promises to be really tough for them. Great Britain, Olympic gold and world record in Rio, e United States of America, Silver five years ago, world champions, seem almost unattainable. As afraid Canada NS Australia. do not forget it Italy holds European silver for both women and men.

remember it Team chase rules provides for this Couples after rehabilitation: sixth fastest team against seventh; fifth fastest team against eighth; The second fastest team against the third. The fastest team against the fourth. The winners of Qualifiers 3 and 4 of the first round will compete in the final for the gold medal while the third and fourth fastest time in the first round will compete for the bronze.

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In the end, with regard to Women’s team speed, remains China’s top candidate, Olympic gold in Rio 2016 and bronze at the last World Championships. On this occasion, the winner was Germany, who will initially appear as the main opponent of the Asians.

OA Sport brings you the text LIVE LIVE The first day dedicated to the Olympic cycling trials from 8.30. Have fun!

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