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Ilva example, okay for the loan of 680m. In the decree “Shield” – the economy


The regional secretariats of Fiom, Uilm and Usb of Taranto, together with representatives of the unitary trade unions of Acciaierie d’Italia, confirm mobilization in Rome on 11 January with the local authorities and declare a 32-hour strike from 11 pm on 10 January. Until 7 o’clock in the morning on January 12 against the latest decree approved by the Council of Ministers this evening containing “urgent measures for plants of national strategic importance”. The decree confirming, the trade unions affirm, “the readiness to spend the 680 million, which has already been appropriated, in the position of shareholder financing, and to return even the criminal shield to the managers of the site in shame.”

Bridging loan of 680 million to Acciaierie d’Italia convertible into a capital increase with an increase in Invitalia of up to 60%. Reinstatement of the criminal shield for factories of national strategic interest, including the former Ilva, rules of criminal procedure to ensure continuity of production by intervening in the organization of seizures and criminal liability of all factories of national interest. This is the latest act in a decade-long industrial and environmental dispute that can never seem to find a happy ending. During the Cabinet meeting, the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Orso, presented a report on the Acciaierie d’Italia Productive Capital Enhancement Agreement which provides for the amendment of the shareholders’ agreements currently in effect and the capital increase of the finalization in the future.
The agreement was drafted and supported by a decree, approved by the Clean Development Mechanism, on urgent measures for factories of national strategic interest. The press release issued by the Ministry of Made in Italy after the CDM confirmed tonight’s rumors. The return of the criminal shield of the directors of the Taranto plant, which was removed by the Conte government and which Meloni described as “central” a few days ago. To the 680 million that will be used to pay off the debts accumulated by the management of ArcelorMittal, the billion allocated by the Aiuti bis decree and the expected resources of the DRI and the Just Transition Fund must be added.
Therefore, Minister Ursu set the table for the previous Ilva on January 19 with the participation of social forces, trade unions, production associations, representatives of local authorities and shareholders from the public and private sectors, where the company will explain its development plans, industrial and employment commitments.
It was in 2013 when, at the height of a series of environmental defaults, then-Minister of the Environment Andrea Orlando pulled the administration of Taranto from Rivas to assign it an extraordinary commissioner. In Taranto they have never hidden that they prefer Invitalia over ArcelorMittal to lead the great green restructuring of the steel mill. A “new governance” for the Taranto steelworks was demanded collectively by all the unions: from Fiom-Cgil to Ugl (the union traditionally close to the right), the mayor of Taranto, the provincial president Rinaldo Mellucci and the regional president Michele Emiliano.
Local unions and institutions for a 680 million euro bridging loan granted to “Acciaierie d’Italia” without this amount being converted into shares owned by the public shareholder “Invitalia” and which would already rise to 60% in 2023 with a subsequent change of judgment . Emiliano said in the newspaper speaking this morning at the meeting with the trade unions and the mayor of Taranto in the council room of the county building. “An intervention is urgently needed to deal with the difficulties Acciaierie d’Italia is facing. I hope this does not result in an undeserved gift to Mittal Group,” former minister Andrea Orlando wrote on Twitter. Local unions and enterprises have set a date for January 11 with a national mobilization that will put the workers of the former Elva under the leadership of Shige Palace.

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