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As expected, but also less than expected. Federal Court No. 2 of Buenos Aires has sentenced the Vice-President of the Argentine Republic, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, to six years in prison and permanent disqualification from public office for fraud in administration at the expense of the Public Administration for awarding contracts in the province of Santa Cruz, between 2003 and 2015, she Time Slot also looks at crimes committed during the presidential term of her husband, Nestor Kirchner. The former first lady immediately announced that she would not run again at the end of her term, no matter what the appeals were. In response to what she asked the public prosecutor who started the trial — 12 years in prison — the judges handed down a sentence reduced by half, acquitting her of the other important crime in dispute: unlawful association. Of the 13 defendants in the case known as “Vilidad”, businessman Lázaro Páez was sentenced to six years in prison and banned from holding public office, while seven other defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three and a half to six years. Four of them were acquitted. Immediately after reading the sentence, the reasons for which will not be known until March 2023, the Vice President intervened in the broadcast through her social channels to repeat “It was a sentence that had already been written,” followed by a previous statement in which he stated:

“The court trying me looks like a firing squad.” Kirchner also criticized his conviction for fraud by the administration. It is a crime, he said, “that cannot refer to a president, since the constitutional reform of 1984 does not manage or implement budget items.” He added, “The one who bears this responsibility is the prime minister, and the prime minister is not among the accused.” However, we must remember that in addition to today’s trial, Christina Kirchner has already been charged in four other cases. In three of them, the judges acquitted even before the hearing began. However, the acquittals have been appealed in all three cases, so the higher courts are waiting to decide the matter. These are the cases known as “Dollar of the Future,” in which Kirchner is accused of alleged wrongdoing in the buying and selling of foreign currency; a “memorandum with Iran”, in which it is accused of alleged cover-up and betrayal of the country; One such example is Hotesur, where the former president was even convicted of criminal conspiracy and money laundering. The only other lawsuit awaiting the start of the procedural phase is the so-called “corruption papers,” in which Kirchner is charged with an offense connected with the award of public works contracts.

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Kirchner, they want me in jail or die, and I’ll never run again
Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announced today that she will not run again in the 2023 presidential election. “I will not reveal the political force that has given me the honor of being president twice and vice president once to be reviled by an indictable candidate,” Kirchner said in a long message broadcast on Facebook. his social channels after reading the six-year prison sentence.” And she added, “In December 2023, I will not be a candidate for anything, whether for the position of president or for senator,” stressing that, therefore, she will not enjoy any immunity. “I’d rather go to prison than be a puppet of this mafia and this parallel state – he concluded – and that always and when someone doesn’t think of trying to shoot me again, because that’s what they want to see me: in prison or dead.”

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