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"I'll hire you, in good condition ...".  But with citizen income it ends badly

“I’ll hire you, in good condition …”. But with citizen income it ends badly

He did not want to lose the benefits Basic income The 22-year-old Romanian, who was fully employed by his employer for this reason, chased the latter into the right-hand carbine barrage with the intention of preventing him from reporting the truth.

The incredible story took place at the Narrow station (in the province of Aguirre) where the 22-year-old boss went to lodge a complaint against a former employee last Saturday evening, July 3rd. The 22-year-old Romanian worker had expressed strong opposition to the idea that he could benefit from a full-time hire, proposing to him the owner of the same company. In fact, as a beneficiary of citizenship income, due to a regular contract, the young person may lose entitlement to the allowance. So, here’s the reason for the claim to work illegally: The 22 – year – old may have continued to collect money from his income, while at the same time receiving it from his job.

The idea of ​​a regular deal made him lose his mind Romanian, He went so far as to openly threaten his boss. However, without thinking twice, the latter immediately went to the carabiner station in Narrow, with the intention of condemning the 22-year-old to the incident. He did so with the intention of preventing the stranger from complaining against him, except himself. According to information from Arma de Narrow’s men, the young man tried all means to reach the office where his ex-boss had been telling him what had happened a while ago. The attempt to bring the foreigner back to reason is futile, and in order to achieve his purpose, the latter has no mindset about beating against them. carabinieri. Thanks to the location of the reinforcements coming from the nearby Palma de Monteciro station, he was finally able to prevent the harassment that continued to threaten his former boss and Arma’s men who came to rescue him. Fortunately, however, none of the players involved were injured in the brief battle.

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Romania, which has been convicted of threatening, insulting and resisting a public official, is now awaiting a verification investigation.