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“Ilaria Salles, take the seat, get the immunity and run.” – Libero Quotidiano


“For a Monday at the beginning of summer, we have a lot of things in the papers, and it’s shaping up to be a busy week.” Daniele Capizzonemanaging editor Liberobegins his column “Watch Out for the Coffee”, a politically incorrect review, from the summit in Switzerland onwards Ukraine and Russia.

“About eighty countries signed a pro-Kiev agreement, but 12 countries did not, i.e. BRICS. No one really believes that significant events leading to a strong and lasting peace can happen before the US elections, but be careful. Every passing day there has been a process He conducted it A daily occurrence (And from fact) to say that the real opportunity for peace was in 2022 and that who prevented peace Boris Johnson And these villains are from Great Britain. not like that… Space dance: I The New York Times I announced the elements of that agreement described as being one step away, and the condition that the Russians put forward at that time almost makes one smile. Russian approval was necessary for the guarantor states to intervene in defense of Ukraine. Russian right to second aggression. Today with curiosity Finished H fact “They won’t tell you those details.”

The highlight of the day takes us to Brussels, Informal summit Among the heads of government of the member states of the European Union. We’ll talk about appointments, majorities, and timing. He added: “The losers in Berlin and Paris want to hurry, to do everything before the French political elections in the circumstances that will follow.” Macron It will be one Political zombie. From the series: Let’s do everything at once, except the conservatives. He presses H Republic “They’re chanting, and the Jedi Order’s battalions are moving.”

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Domestic politics, Quirinal coup against Berlusconi“Verderame’s interview caused a stir Cardinal RuiniWho, 30 years later, produced something shameful. Former President Scalfaro, unfortunately, cannot defend himself, but the story matches Scalfaro’s positions at that time.”

And then Ilaria sallis: “She came back from Hungary, went to Monza, and she’s tired and can’t even get online AVSThe party that elected her. Don’t have time to say thank you? The gunmen were not under his house… but his father, Roberto, who opened the valves. Take your seat (and immunity) and run. “It seems that the issue now is not facing trial.”

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