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Il Mythonauta - RAI . Press Office

Il Mythonauta – RAI . Press Office

From June 29, on Rai 2 around midnight, Davide Bernasconi, aka Van de Sfroos, once again becomes The Mythonauta. Now in its second edition, the singer, songwriter and conductor will resume his travels throughout Italy in search of myths, legends, folk beliefs and stories that continue to survive in the collective memory of communities, preserved and passed down from generations. to a generation. Dark or bright, fantastic or true stories that reveal the spirit of the places and the people who live there. In this first assignment for the second edition of the program, the singer-songwriter and conductor will explore the lands of Piacenza and Val Tribbia, a land rich in myths and riddles, the “Pass Town” as defined by Leonardo, through which the Crusaders left for the Holy Land, where the Etruscan seers left something mysterious to guess. The future while Hannibal and his Roman elephants were defeated at Trebia. Right on this river, a saint who came from distant Ireland had to face the devil himself and witness a bridge over this meeting. The collector crossing the valley will reach a hill considered sacred by locals, where the mystical waters that never dry out have attracted mystics and psychics for thousands of years. In this wandering Van de Severus will meet some of the tenants who still live in the more than three hundred castles in the district of Piacenza, people who must live together, in these imaginary places, with the old tenants who are now dead for centuries, but… full of life. Mythonaut will listen to these ghosts and give them a voice as well, putting their stories and magic to music.

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