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If you live here, the municipality gives you a bonus of 5,000 euros for photovoltaic cells

Photovoltaics could soon remain one of the cheapest and most environmentally sustainable alternative heat sources, thanks to bonuses offered by the state, regions and municipalities. In this case we are talking about a bonus of 5 thousand euros.

The cost of the whole system is certainly not very cheap, which is exactly why there are many families who have not yet had the opportunity to install a photovoltaic panel on their homes, but this could be a good investment opportunity.

Photovoltaic bonus –

Advantages of photovoltaic cells

The country has been trying for some time to provide as many utilities as possible to citizens who want to choose an environmentally friendly and efficient system such as photovoltaics, but the global situation has quickly complicated things, reducing people’s purchasing power and savings to the bone.

The advantages of photovoltaic cells are still many and include:

  • Very low environmental impact
  • Renewable energy production
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Savings on bills
  • energy independence

We must also bear in mind that the installable panels are divided into photovoltaic panels and solar panels and often the bonuses include the purchase and installation of both variants. While the photovoltaic panel generates energy by absorbing the sun’s heat, the solar panel heats the water that is directed to the house’s mains.

Extra boiler
€5,000 bonus – Pixabay

Municipal reward for photovoltaic cells

Not only is the country providing economic incentives to help citizens with a large 110% reward, some municipalities have also allocated money to support family expenses.

The municipality of Calderara, in the province of Bologna, has launched an initiative called “Energia Green Casa”, which includes coverage of up to 50% on the purchase of expenses incurred, up to a maximum of 5 thousand euros.

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The total funds provided by the municipality are €100,000 and will be distributed on the basis of a list of applications that can only be approved for families who have not already enjoyed Superbonus 110%.

The Mayor, Giampiero Falzon, declared: “We said that, this is the first official step we are taking to help the citizens: to help them not only in the face of the current high-energy emergency, but also for the green development of the Calderara, which has been on our minds since the beginning of the state.

While the work of the municipal administration continues with the creation of energy communities and the relevant public announcement that citizens will be able to participate in, this action represents an important incentive for families who will realize that the transition to a green environment will be an essential step in owning a different and sustainable future, for us and above all for future generations.