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Cambiare password

If you have this password, change it immediately | risk it all

Using an insecure password is the first step to hacking. Using a simple switch is like saying to a hacker “Please, I will leave the door open for you”, and after the latest happenings on the Internet, especially on Instagram, this is one of the last things every user wants.

In fact, in the absence of a valid help service to recover your account, digital breach can become a real problem. In fact, more people have complained about not receiving enough — or not at all — help on the Social Meta.

safety first

To create a strong password, one must respect it combination of factorsAmong them we can point out:

  • Length: A valid password must be at least 16 characters long
  • complicationUppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols are very important and should not be in order
  • reduced words: Don’t use, for example, “password123” as a passkey
  • InformationYou should never include personal data when choosing a password
  • to share: As far as is convenient, it is not recommended to use the same password for different accounts

What is the most used password in the world…

The study was conducted by NordPass and the result was that 83% of Italian passwords are easily recognizable. This means that for a hacker, it would take approx one second of time To hack your account without exaggeration.

In fact, the example in the bulleted list is not implemented by chance. The most used password worldwide is just word The password. As funny as it sounds, this factor It puts millions of accounts at risk every day.

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…which is favored by the Italians

In Italy, the situation is not much different. If you think that even the Fibonacci sequence is “trivial”, then 11235813 is an access key It is easy to recognizewhich Bel Paese residents use is simpler.

According to the company that conducted the study, the password most used by Italians is 123456. This type of key is particularly vulnerable, and Easily hacked by any IT expert. If you use this password, it is recommended that you change it as soon as possible, before anyone with bad intentions can access your sensitive content.