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“If you break up, you should think about the children.”

“If you break up, you should think about the children.”

Teo Mamucari to “hyenas” He talked about his personal story after separating from his partner Thais and Wiggers. Program host Italy 1 He was the hero of one of the show’s now famous monologues, opening up to the audience about his role as an estranged parent. Father of a little girl who he hasn’t been able to see for three years: “When two people have a baby and are separated, it always suffers – it started – because in that situation it’s hard to do one’s best. I was confused, I had less certainty From her, because a mother is always a mother, but also a father is always a father, I repeated that to myself, but it was not good.

Mammucari spoke of suffering Created by this situation: “Once my daughter told me: Dad, it’s my fault if I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have had these problems – she said -. Oh no, my love, no, you are not a problem, you are my strength, as I realized that When you break up, you don’t have to think about your problems, you have to think about the kidsThis is the only way you can be a good parent, which I am sure I am every day, and also thanks to my mother who, after those three years in Brazil, realized that she could not be a good mother by depriving me of the possibility of being a good father, Not everyone has their allergies, I understand, I don’t get lucky with everyone.”

at the end Call To those who find themselves having to face the same situation: To all fathers – concluded the Commander – I mean don’t seek revenge, don’t think about your problems, think about your children.

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