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If we are in semi-sleep paralyzed, cannot move and breathe, do not panic, this is what we must do.

If we are in semi-sleep paralyzed, cannot move and breathe, do not panic, this is what we must do.

There are many sleep disorders that can affect us, from sleep apnea, gnashing of teeth, sleepwalking,InsomniaBut few are as terrifying as sleep paralysis.

Night paralysis is such a widespread phenomenon that many cultures of the world have sought a way to explain and explain it. There are those who believe that this paralysis is caused by the interference of demons, supernatural beings, or even extraterrestrials. From a scientific point of view, sleep paralysis is now a well-understood phenomenon.

It mostly happens when you wake up

Sleep paralysis means sensations of immobility, paralysis, difficulty breathing, sensations worry And the panic that can strike us when we sleep or, more often, when we wake up. This phenomenon generally lasts a few seconds, two minutes at most, but can have a profound psychological impact. But why does that happen? When we sleep, our body tends to almost completely paralyze, in order to keep us safe from any sudden movements we might make unconsciously. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain wakes up, but the body is still in a state of sleep paralysis, so even if we are conscious we cannot move. But what to do in these cases?

If we are in semi-sleep paralyzed, cannot move and breathe, do not panic, this is what we must do.

The phenomenon of sleep paralysis is very common among the population of all ages. If it happens only occasionally, or in a period of stress or private life turmoil, there is generally no cause for concern. However, if it becomes chronic, or has a significant impact on our quality of life, we can turn to sleep specialists who will be able to suggest a treatment.

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There is a “meditation and relaxation” treatment.

According to experts, the most important thing when we find ourselves suffering from sleep paralysis is not to panic. We must bear in mind that this is a very common and short-lived phenomenon that will pass soon. So let’s try to relax and not panic. If we are paralyzed in semi-sleep, it is natural to worry, but according to the treatment “Meditation and Relaxation”Instead, we should close our eyes and try to maintain an emotional disconnect from what is happening. Then we must try to relax the muscles. Let’s remember that the episode will only last for a few seconds, and soon we will regain control of our body.


Revealing the recurring dream that terrifies many of us at night and is always the same.

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