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"If it's already here, you will need zero tolerance"

“If it’s already here, you will need zero tolerance”

See that The new South African variant in Italy has already manifested itself, The most important thing I have to do now is a complete model. If it manifests itself, it should be limited to zero tolerance. With what actions? It depends on the severity of the condition, because if this variant is resistant to the vaccine, it is not a joke. “Explaining this to Adnkronos Health Virologist Andrea Grisandi. Premiers, director of the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua: “We are at a stage of surveillance, panic is a foregone conclusion. Data first.”

“If this variant is capable of resisting the vaccine – he speculates – and if it is identified in any part of the country, it is necessary to cover everything and create a kind of red zone and control it. It’s not there. Or then comes the variation. And the most important thing is to create a vaccine that can prevent it “, to prevent it. “It may be necessary to renew my current vaccines. Of course one Locking where this variation occurs It has only one effect: to buy time while waiting for vaccines “.

Block flights? “We’ll stop them, but I do not think this has stopped anyone. I’m telling the truth. We do not know if this difference already exists between us, among others.”

Variations of SARS-Cowie-2, “are constantly being diagnosed and of course some variations emerge from time to time because they are more contagious than others. The situation is complicated by the fact that there is a significant number in South Africa. We do not know whether it is vulnerable. This is a variant with a lot of mutations Of course, this is a major concern. ”

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Apparently, the virologist concludes, “We are currently only talking about hypotheses. We must first try to understand whether this variant is susceptible to vaccines or not. We are at a stage of monitoring to ensure that vaccines are resistant. Companies should immediately update their mix and Countries should have 4-5 months to renew and distribute new “shield products” but implement measures to reduce the impact of the mutation.