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If and Uber reach an agreement, after a heated debate.  "The Turning Point" (Francesco Artusa)

If and Uber reach an agreement, after a heated debate. “The Turning Point” (Francesco Artusa)


Welcome to the new weekly tape in which I will attempt to bring to readers the “tipping points” that have changed or may alter the course of events, not necessarily in the field of transportation.
I solemnly swear we already decided on the column title before we knew, this morning, a historic turning point in the world of mobility. It seems to me a good omen…

I refer to the already viral video in which Loreno Pettarelli, the head of the largest Italian taxi (3570) and at the top of the taxi app spread all over Italy ( announced that he had reached a trade agreement with #uber. Only this Uber who fought the entire world of taxis with words with blows. The details are not yet known, one can imagine that the American platform will add a taxi service in all Italian cities where it will be possible to rely on the Italian taxi application.
Bittarelli also tells us that thanks to this agreement, uber will only operate in accordance with Italian laws for the sector and that it will only provide NCC services to NCC.

It’s not clear how they will convince users using Uber Black today to book in advance or go in taxis, but for operational judgment it’s necessary to wait to learn more.
Instead, we can say something about this tipping point which we assume will soon follow others. Perhaps it makes sense to expect some twists and turns. Because It taxi is not only the Roman radiotaxi 3570 app, but it works in 91 other Italian cities.

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In Florence there is the application 4390 or the collaboration headed by Claudio Giudici who with another unionist Casigoli of Unica Taxi Cigil flooded the municipalities of Tuscany with requests to revoke licenses to the NCC, guilty of being in Florence to work (with application ca va sans dire). The taxi is located in Turin that sees the taxi drivers on trial after the events that occurred during the protests against Uber. Then there’s Milan, where until 15 days ago there wasn’t another protest in the province to demand penalties for publicly traded companies working for the San Francisco giant.

Now, I’m curious to hear about the new definitions. Because if it was a multinational company before the agreement with the taxi drivers, then it will be after that too. If he does a digital riot today, he will do so again next month.
What will happen to the Italian model that protects cooperatives, unions and small artisans? What will happen to the demand for organizing platforms? Will it still be there or will it take a back seat?
One thing is for sure, in their own words, while denouncing the exploitation, impoverishment, and deregulation of unscheduled public transportation, in secret and over months, they agreed with the exploiters, the poor, and the freedmen. curtain.

Francesco Artusa, Head of Transport System