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"If I were in a Ferrari, I would have broken everything."

“If I were in a Ferrari, I would have broken everything.”

“Penalty for Perez? If I were in Ferrari, I would have crashed the computer yesterday”. These are the words Flavio Briatorethe former F1 boss, to LaPresse about the decisions he’s made Fi On the penalty for the winner Singapore GP. Each has its own management system – He adds -. What I can say is that what we did yesterday is not good for sports and entertainment. There was also the podium, let’s say there was no 5′: Ferrari would have won two hours later. Not Found. It’s easier for the FIA ​​to decide with Ferrari Leclerc at 7 “behind Perez? Sure, but if they decide right away, maybe Leclerc will have another race”.

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Leclerc, a private Ferrari on display in Singapore: what is it?

“Fia? There are unsuitable people, every race has a problem”

about the future Ferrari: “Hopefully next year he will do the same this season compared to last year. If he does, he will play in the world championship. Verstappen? This year he definitely deserves the title”. on me budget mug: “To cut costs, we need to work on regulations. For example, the bottom of the car and the exchange rate should be the same for everyone. And then, in this way, the costs are reduced, but the work only at the financial level becomes difficult to control. “. finally in Fi: “There are inappropriate people. In every race we have a problem, even yesterday the same. If there is a violation, why wait for hours when you can decide in a minute with all the technical parts you can count on? F1 fault but the FIA, we have to change.” Sure.You can destroy the race, watch and influence the world championship.FIA is a company and as such, it needs to tap the right and right people to move forward.It has nearly 200 employees and companies of this type must be run by qualified and must have managers Every sector. At the moment there is no such kind of quality. The FIA ​​must be run by professionals, and this is fundamental. The president must decide. The important thing is that there is a federation that gets to Formula 1. Why didn’t it happen before Because there were professionals and simple people.”

Formula 1, Perez at the start despite the penalty

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Formula 1, Perez at the start despite the penalty

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