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If cured and vaccinated abroad, certification is an illusion. There are also two recipients


Thirteen seconds and not even a jingle, this is one of the usual call center music. A robot female voice immediately conveys its message. «Dear user, all operators seem to be busy due to heavy traffic, please try again later. Then darkness, or rather h .nom. Phone connectivity is down, and thousands of Italians are not yet available Green Boss Although they deserve it, they are again alone with their doubts. In fact, even with the feeling of being teased. The phone number dedicated to the pass, 1500, could not be accessed all day because heels were hit yesterday (“switchboards are flooded” he admitted in the afternoon Gianni Ressa, The preventive director of the Ministry of Health), as well as the Italian bureaucracy and their contradictions they find they have to deal with at a subtle moment. ASL is a whirlwind representing a general practitioner who says he tries his hand at the pharmacy, the centers recommend calling 1500, and the ministry is taking it to certain regions. There have already been a number of reports (technicians via Lungodever have often been said to have successfully intervened) but now the bass is not a “concern” for vacationers and newlywed couples, and complaints of inconvenience abound by the hour.

In pursuit of the Green Pass

Not only individuals who did not receive the desired authentication code after administration (the code required to download the pass from Imuni or the government website, seem to have been rescued from the most complex situation temple at the moment. The cards on the table for them, as usual in an emergency, have changed over and over again. At first they were vaccinated immediately with a single dose, then 180 days later but within 360 and now, the last update, 12 months later. Through circulars, the ministry straightened the bar whenever needed. Sacrosong. The car behind him was very bad. So today a good portion of the nearly 870,000 citizens who were first infected and then vaccinated themselves, say they have difficulty. Unheard of (“I received my first dose on June 9, but I still do not have a pass. I sent emails, tried to call different numbers, but no one answered,” writes 25-year-old Christina from Palermo), who are mainly looking for solutions on social networks. Maria, for example, is over 40 years old, from Rome, actually certified, but only by the words “1 in 2”. “Just like I’m waiting for another dose that no one will do to me until I understand, I will only do it for the pass.” In practice, Maria is willing to take the risk of settling for a bureaucratic short circuit. Confusion.

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So much so, that health professionals also end up in the cycle of Italian Byzantines. Vaccinated for the first time since January, with some reporting a borderline case, i.e. the infection occurred a few days after vaccination. Precisely what a Roman physician explains is “vaccinated on January 2nd and positive on the 5th”. He had no second dose, only hospital admission and recovery. Custom terms are specified as “1 in 2” and are already out of date as they are valid for an additional 6 months.

It does not end here. There are people who have been vaccinated abroad, they must have the vaccines approved by the embassy of the country where they are, but they do not have the required forms or, like those who have been vaccinated in the UK, our sites are unable to communicate with non-EU countries. V and the rescuers dealing with the title and the regional health administration are: “My green pass states that the certificate is valid until the next dose” – explains Giovana, who was vaccinated in May – but in the regional Lazio document, on the other hand, “dose 1” and “second dose not predicted” Who should I ask and how should I behave?.

Then there are the vaccines on vacation, instead, they will tell someone, they have two passes. “I took the first dose at Lombardy on June 5. I got the corresponding green pass with 1/2 dose – says Paula from Milan – I took the second dose at Emilia Romagna on July 11, the day before yesterday I got a new 1/2 dose of green pass In practice it now has two QR codes, but none is complete.The same situation applies to Pavlo, the first dose in Lombardy and the second dose in Paclia. They need to be fixed. But I’ve finished my vacation, I’m not in Buglia now, I can not talk to the center. I need to get back in the car, “he sighed, in the face of digitalization.

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Anti-Vox protest in 80 cities / square

From Asta to Ragusa, from Lex to Portenone to Rome. There are about 80 Italian cities where the Denier Galaxy promises to hit the streets tomorrow. An attempt born on the web 48 hours after the exploitation of Turin has come as a “fearless day” to gather thousands of people in Piazza Castello. The mobilization on Saturday (17:30) is part of a list of so-called “global demonstrations” for advertisers.

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