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If China is banned, the world will be banned

It is now clear that no matter how hard you try to hide it, today’s world is heavily influenced by Asia. Although the United States still considers itself the country that moves the world, evidence that this is no longer true arrives above all in the economic and procurement fields.

Made in China is what ensures the well-being of the West, and disruptions in the supply chain can send European markets and beyond. The biggest concern relates to the current management of the Omicron variant by the Chinese government, which in recent days has already pushed hard towards new lockdowns and stricter measures, particularly in managing trade in goods at ports. Currently, this has only caused a slowdown, but if the bottleneck is tightened further, a complete blockade of supplies for a few days cannot be ruled out, causing a shock to the logistics chain, which will have repercussions in America and Europe.

Tough times make strong men, and strong men make good times. Happy times create weak men, and weak men create turbulent times. Westerners have never realized how true this phrase is as in recent years. Anything beautiful does not last forever, especially if you live on the shoulders of other nations.

Massimo A. Cascon 16.01.2022


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