Monday, July 22, 2024

“Ibra older brother”, then reply to withdraw


Olivier Giroud He did a lengthy interview with microphones Le Parisien. The AC Milan striker, thanks to the excellent performance and the decisive goals he scored in the Rossoneri shirt, has found an invitation to the national team.

Since the French national team withdrew, the Milan striker has spoken about his relationship with his teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Jerrod Ibrahimovic

These are his words:

“We did not talk about my return to the national team because it all happened very quickly on Saturday. In the past, he often wondered why I was not called up. We are talking about a special character with a strong personality and important charisma. Ibra is a leader and to me he is like an older brother. I’ve always appreciated him as a player, but in the locker room I discovered a normal, normal person, even if his voice was heard more than others.”

Then Giroud spoke of his future:

In Italy there are approximately 40 strikers. The culture in Serie A is different, so if you have the right grit and a resilient body, age isn’t really an issue. I can go on for a few more years.”

Stefano Corey

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