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I went to work with a fake green card, fired an employee at Poltrona Frau: "Disrespectful to colleagues"

I went to work with a fake green card, fired an employee at Poltrona Frau: “Disrespectful to colleagues”

Tolentino – A woman came with the testimony of a relative. She was stopped by security officers who realized that the QR code did not match the name. “She was serious,” the company said. This episode testifies to our commitment to ensuring the safety of our employees.”

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From Francesca Marcelli

The green lane displays a family member to enter the workplace, an employee of the fired Poltrona Frau of Tolentino. The episode that cost her her job, goes back a few weeks ago, although news about it has only been heard now.

A woman who clearly does not have a valid green certificate is considering circumventing the measure that the government is implementing, He decided to show the green lane to one of his relatives for observation. When she appeared at the entrance to the factory But the trick did not escape the security men. The guard, as usual, checked the validity of the certificate presented by the employee and realized that something was wrong with the intersection between the QR code and the name and surname that appeared on the device; Then the check confirmed the suspicion. A hoax that cost the woman her job: She was fired for good reason because she was surprised to be shown a “green lane” that wasn’t hers.


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Contacted by Cronache Maceratesi Poltrona Frau replies: «We confirm what happenedAnd Dismissing an employee who used a fake entry permit. The use of a fake green lane is unfortunately dangerous not only for the employee towards himself, but towards society and shows a lack of moral responsibility, discipline and Respect the health of colleagues (and their families) was working with them. We believe – confirm ownership – Whether it is a dismissal for a just cause and this event is a testament to our commitment to ensuring the safety of every employee as well as groups and workplaces in all our offices and branches, Italian and foreign”. The company confirms its commitment to the Covid contract, “which has been evident since the beginning of the pandemic – the company concludes -. We have made significant investments in protective equipment for employees and workstations, specifically to allow you to work in complete safety. Where possible, we have upgraded smart work by providing our employees with all necessary devices. Possession of a green card remains a prerequisite for all company functions.” The obligation to show the Green Passage, obtained by vaccination or negative swab, to access public and private workplaces, is in effect since October 15 and will remain in effect until March 31, 2022, the date, which has just been extended, the end of the emergency mandate.

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